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We Provide the Best Hiking Trips in the Canadian Rockies

Welcome to Altitude Journeys!

We are a small boutique travel company based in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We operate a variety of local hiking tours in the mountains of Western Canada, from short day hikes to heli-hiking and multi-day excursions. In addition, we offer a limited selection of treks to the Himalaya.

During the past 40 years of my personal travel, treks and mountaineering, I have gained broad experience across the continents for unique opportunities that I believe my guests will appreciate. These are itineraries that are close to my heart for a variety of reasons. I have chosen them carefully from an almost endless variety of possibilities. My personal connections in the areas we operate form the basis of the adventures we offer in the field.

We value higher quality accommodations, where available, but are not afraid to rough it a little bit when the situation and itinerary requires it. Our sense of adventure is robust where we can afford to be different. However, we maintain the highest safety standards available and insist that this is our number one priority in all our expeditionary planning. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your particular ideas!

Carlos Buhler