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Carlos buhler

Carlos Buhler

Few of us are lucky enough in life to spend the majority of our years living in harmony with our passions. Successful alpinists with longevity in the arena are even more unique. Not surprisingly, they are multi-faceted individuals. Climbing skills, risk management, and fitness are a given. But climbing skill and fitness are the simplest attributes to obtain and measure. The ability to comfortably immerse oneself in foreign cultures, to create trust in cautious and often shy communities, is not an accident.

Carlos Buhler is, if anything, an extreme Alpinist. But his lifetime of travel has given him skills you might not first recognize. Avoiding battle and successful conflict negotiation are as much an art as a skill. Carlos is good at both; maybe even better than he is at climbing. This is possibly one of the major ingredients for success on his climbing endeavors. Among his renowned climbs in the Himalaya and Karakoram are ascents of Everest, Changabang, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Sepu Kangri, Kampur and Milarepa , all by new routes. None of these routes has ever been repeated.

In the high mountains, few things ever go as planned. No one can live in the alpine environment for decades, as Carlos Buhler has, and not adapt to what one feels, sees, hears and smells. These refinements in one’s temperament are what can make or break a positive outcome in a remote and foreign location

Facilitating good experiences in that environment is what Carlos Buhler does best. The result is his long-term evolution as an able “outdoor educator”. It is an ability best communicated by simply committing oneself to the outdoors, as Carlos Buhler and his staff have, on foot, one step at a time, in the world’s natural and un-crowded settings.

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