Stephen Venables ,
Alpine Club, former President, Quoted in preparation for Carlos lecture in the United Kingdom

The American climber Carlos Buhler is one of the world's most successful expeditioners. Over the last 25 years he has been at the forefront of exploratory mountaineering, with many first ascents in Peru, Alaska and the Himalaya. High altitude successes include alpine ascents of K2 North Ridge with the Russians, Kangchenjunga North Face with Peter Habeler and the first ascent of Everest's Kangshung Face. However, it is on the more elegant, 6000ers and 7000ers that he has really made his mark, most notably on Changabang's North Face Direct and, this year, the first ascent of Sepu Kangri.

John Gans,
Quoted in 'Message from the Director' of the National Outdoor Leadership School Alumni News

I had the opportunity to climb with NOLS grad Carlos Buhler in the North Cascades. (Washington State). While I was first wowed by his technical abilities, the lessons he taught me went far beyond that. Carlos Buhler was a very compassionate person with an obvious love for wilderness mountaineering. Our conversations and time in the mountains influenced my wilderness ethic, my views on risk management, and my philosophy on Leadership and education

Liana Klepinin , director of Risk Online Magazine, Moscow, Russia,
Quoted in her feature article on Carlos, titled "At Home Among Foreigners, A Foreigner Among His Own"

Carlos Buhler is a rare example of a super class of American climbers who knows how to understand us and accommodate themselves to our habits. He always thinks things through, calculates, takes the possible variants into account. And he does whatever he thinks a particular situation calls for.

Ted Mischaikov , Director, President and CEO, Healthy Pet, Past President and Director, Western Washington University Foundation,
Quoted in Windows on Western, News for Alumni and Friends of Western Washington University

Carlos Buhler is a leader in converting the sport of alpine climbing from an assault mentality to one of group centered, strategic planning; mutual respect between climbers and sherpas; use of high tech gear; and best environmental practices


When the American Alpine Club selected 23-year-old Carlos Buhlerr for a joint Soviet-American expedition to the Pamir Range of Central Asia, being sponsored by the Soviet Union's Mountaineering Federation, they must have seen serious potential in the young man. Nor was that view misguided as Buhler went on to partake in thirty-four expeditions on four continents.

Western Washington University

Carlos Buhler, of German and Spanish Basque descent, is a 1978 graduate of Huxley and a winner of a Distinguished Alumni Award. He's made more than three dozen major ascents on five continents and was rated one of the eleven best American climbers by Climbing Magazine. He specializes in daunting climbs with small teams and no oxygen.

Alumini Explorers by Kerry Brophy

Carlos Buhler's climbing resume is a long, long list of some of the world's most challenging mountains: Everest, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu. He is the man, Climbing Magazine called "the most accomplished North American climber in the Himalaya", but the first mountain he lists on his resume is none other than Pyramid Peak in Wyoming, Buhler's first mountain ascent. He climbed to the summit at age 15 while a student on a Wind River Wilderness course with NOLS in 1970.


World-Class Mountaineer and Expedition Team Leader, Carlos Buhler, is a 30-year survivor of over 100 summits. He is one of only six people to ever summit the 29,028 foot Mount Everest by its most treacherous route, the East Face Direct. He has successfully climbed ten of the world's tallest mountains including K2.